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Dear Parents,


Why should your children train at the Napanee Karate Club?
1.   Brian Lowry is a trained professional teacher, with more than 30 years experience in Ontario's Public Schools as a classroom Teacher, Special Education Consultant, and Principal. He holds a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Ottawa.
2.   Sensei Lowry has been the Chief Instructor at the Napanee Karate Club for the past 25 years. As the Sensei or Master Teacher, he supervises the instruction of all the students.
3.   We have been at this same location since 1990.  In the same time period, many other organizations have come and gone, some without any notice to the students or their parents.
4.   Not all organizations are equal. Be careful to select your family's teacher based on that teacher's experience and training. Not everyone is a teacher.
5.   In the 25 years we have been at this location, at least the same number of karate or martial arts  organizations have come and gone from Napanee.
6.   Parents are always welcome to watch, and a free lesson is offered.
7.   We work co-operatively with parents to teach children to respect their teachers, parents, peers, and themselves.
8.    We emphasize the importance of increasing your child's self-esteem, through building their confidence, fitness, and self-defense capability.
9.    Parents have the opportunity to train with their children in our Family Classes; many parents train and become instructors themselves.
10.  We receive many referrals from local agencies and schools, as our club and programs are well known in the community. 
Need more information? Call or email me for a personal appointment. I will be happy to spend time answering your questions and explaining the benefits of training.


Brian Lowry, Chief Instructor 
Visit us at 140 Richmond Blvd 
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 Here are two amazing athletes who began training as children, demonstrating on the beach and in the waterfalls of Okinawa Japan. 
      Laura Sywyk                           Mike Sywyk



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